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Take a walk through the Bible. It's the only book that points to eternity. "Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." Psalm 119:105

The Bible is the only book that has the Biblewords of God. It's like the only book that was ever written by the hand of God.

It's an old book that has been picked up, put down, forgotten, remembered, attempted to be destroyed. 

Yet, it is a new book for the words bound between its covers are always relevant. See for yourself why generations after generations have discovered their creator and themselves through what is written on the pages of the Bible. 

We can help through an easy to follow correspondence course.  Check out the resources on this page or call or email us, we'll dash of a copy in no time:  (618) 667-6708 collinsvillecoc@att.net


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God, the Bible and You!

God's Way, Truth, and Life

Conversions in the Book of Acts

House to House Heart to Heart

04-28-22 Reconcile



More info: The Conclusion of the Matter

Hosts: Renn Ferguson, Robbie Santiago, and Ryan WeaverThe Conslusion of the Matter Podcast

Three friends come together to discuss Biblical topics, passages, and teachings to learn more about God's word and apply it to our lives today.


New episodes released on Tuesday mornings @ 8:00 AM.

Kids Corner

Lesson 1: Bible Study Video for 3rd-5th grades and their siblings. Facebook post for lesson 1

A. The Names of the Apostles ( 1.4 minutes)

B. Bible Study- Jesus is the Vine ( 22.5 minutes )

Have your kids bring their Bible, a sheet of paper and a pencil or marker. This is a 25 minute lesson plus the pauses you take to discuss the topics.

If you would like to print the handouts: - Bible Knowledge - Google Docs --

Handout: Qualities I look for in a Friend

Lesson 2: Unequally Yolked??? Wednesday Night Bible Study Video for 3rd-5th grades and their siblings. Facebook post for lesson 2

Bible Study- Unequally Yoked ( 8.5 minutes )

The Books of the Bible ( 2.5 minutes ):

Old Testament

New Testament

Have your kids bring their Bible and last week's Bible Knowledge. See the links below this video for google docs. This is less than 25 minute lesson including the activities below.

After Lesson activities:

1. Equally & Unequally Yoked (1 min video)

2. Bad Character (4.5 min)

This one has two parts, click on the link below the video for the second part )

3. Be a Good Chooser!

CCOCHOPELOVE2U.worldbibleschool.orgHope, Joy, Love & Life

Sermon Outlines
Is the Bible You Use Reliable? (Part 1)
Is the Bible You Use Reliable? (Part 2)
What Must I Do...?
You Can Make a Difference
Why Should We Preach the Almighty God?
I Have Found the Book
Why Are there So Many Churches?
The Thief on the Cross
The Doctrine of Inherited Sin