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On this rock I will build my church
Matthew 16:18


- Your work for the Lord There

Cameroon You too can be part of this successful work that is spreading the Gospel in Cameroon and other locales in West Africa. Your financial support is also needed to keep this prayerful and faithful work growing. Your participation is an encouragement. Please send your financial support to the overseeing congregation: Cameroon Support, Collinsville church of Christ, Church of Christ Wa'si, Cameroon1400 Troy Rd. Collinsville, IL 62234. Phone: 618-667-6708. Email: Please write us for additional information. It is your work, your work for the Lord there.

Visit for an extensive description of this effort in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by Paul, Janet, and the other co-workers.

Since 1992, Paul and Janet Kee have been the only missionaries for the Church of Christ in this country of 17 million souls.  They work with congregations in an area the size of Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama combined. Over 170 congregations meet in Cameroon, Paul Kee and Evangelists in Cameroonwith a faithful membership of over 4500.The Kumbo Christian Bible School, Nso' is one of your works designed to train men and women as leaders who can teach others also, (2 Timothy 2:2). This is more imperative now that there are no other American missionaries. Cameroon is a ripe field, still recovering from political and economic troubles.

Nso'(pronounced en-SO) is the largest tribe under one Fon (king) and one dialect in the country, with about 450,000 subjects. Nso' is at 5,500 feet, has a cooler climate that the coast (nine hours away), has 65,000 in the city, 330,000 people in Bui Division, with 29 congregation, plus 19 more in the Division five hours to the north.

Paul understands much of the language, and a lot of French, but he uses his Pidgin English to preach and teach. He was involved in the New Testament translation into Lamnso', and has five brothers working in the OldTestament project. Paul is also a traditional ruler (clan leader) of the Nso' tribe, Faay Shu Lav Mfu' Nyuy.

Janet Kee, Optician in CameroonJanet's name is Wiiy Baa. She involves herself in two very important works, among other things. She gives out glasses and cases to the local people, mostly people who are 45 or older who are having a hard time reading. She does this two afternoons a week and has given out over 7,000 pairs of used eyeglasses and cases.

Janet also prepares Children's Bible Lessons for seven congregations in the area, so far. She works from scratch and has already produced 420 lessons through the Bible, being at present in the Book of Acts. These packets contain an outline for the teacher, visual aids, handouts, and colored printouts. Of course, Janet travels with Paul when he reports in the States, provides an oasis for him when he comes home from work.

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