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On this rock I will build my church
Matthew 16:18

Resources for the Soul Winner

-How beautiful are the feet of those... who bring glad tidings of good things!

The Evangelistic Energizer

Volume 3 Issue 30
Evangelism Acrostic Eternal - Evangelism is done so people can enjoy an eternal home in heaven with God.

Volume 3 Issue 28
Gateway Area Bible Camp & Evangelism Last week the Gateway Area Bible Camp completed another successful week of Bible teaching, fellowship, and...

Volume 3 Issue 27
Why We Do What We Do Evangelism is more than a summertime trip, more than door knocking, more than special mail outs, more than an international move, more...

Volume 3 Issue 26
World Video Bible School Cards The time in which we live has great challenges, but it also has great privileges and opportunities because of the technology...

Volume 3 Issue 25
The Power of One During the Civil War in this country, a young woman learned the truth and obeyed the gospel. Her boyfriend, J. H. Halbrook, was in the Confederate...

Volume 3 Issue 24
How Do You See Things? When a soul obeys the gospel of Jesus Christ and that soul begins to mature and begins to be involved in the work of saving souls, it...

Volume 3 Issue 22
Faith Is the Victory The men and women of Hebrews 11 accomplished some impossible feats in their lives. One family built an ark, another family had children...

The Role of Helpers in Evangelism

Importance of the Great Commission “Go” - better translated “as you are going.” “Teach all nations” - make disciples of all nations “Baptizing”
-First participle to fulfill “make disciples” “Teaching” -Second particle to fulfill “make disciples” The Great Commission states, “As you are going, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to observe all things that Jesus has commanded.”

Soul Winner's Resource


Troy, IL Homecoming Collinsville Church of Christ Display Booth

Troy, IL Homecoming July 20 & 21, 2017 Tri-Township Park

It was a trying weekend due to the extreme heat, but the display was a huge success. The following were given away:

  • Approximately 600 bottles of water
  • Aaround 400 invitation cards to our services
  • Hundreds of invitations to view videos online or study the Bible online
  • 9 DVD's and 5 copies of the book, "Muscle and a Shovel."

Our booth was the second as the Tri-TownshipPark is entered from the west end of Wickliffe Street.  We were therefore in a strategic position to meet and greet the vistors of the homecoming festivities as they came to and left the Tri-Township Park. 

Thanks Tri-Township Park District.  And thanks to all who "beat the heat" to set up up our booth, passed out all those free goodies, and after it was all over, removed and packed up everything. It was a labor of love. 

Get ready for next year!