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On this rock I will build my church
Matthew 16:18


- Refresh, Review, Connect to the Bible

The message of the Bible through video, audio, and other thoughtful presentations.

Webcast (live streaming) Live Worship Service TV of Sunday morning worship service, Sunday evening worship service, and Wednesday night devo & Bible study meetings.

View presentations recorded live in our Video Library of sermons and other presentations. Select, look, listen, and stay connected with us and the Bible.

Take a walk through an overview of The Bible Is Unique slide presentation. The Bible is the only book that has the Biblewords of God.  It's like the only book that was ever written by the hand of God. It's an old book that has been picked up, put down, forgotten, remembered, attempted to be destroyed. 

Yet, it is a new book for its pages are always relevant. See for yourself why generations after generations have discovered their creator and themselves through what is written on the pages of the Bible.




Television Ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ
In Search of the Lord's Way airs in St. Louis
KPLR -11 Sunday at 7:30a
Cable TV Ch 7 Sunday 7:00a


World Video Bible School ( Video Bible School




Audio Tracks. We've uploaded some audio clips from our Wednesday night Bible and Devo services. Nothing fancy, just stuff by folks like you and me who are praying, trying to, and hoping to make a difference for folks, well, like you and me. Each track has congregational singing in praise to our God and a short devotional message to encourage us in getting through another week. That reninds me, it is just like in the Bible. See Colossians 3:16. Amen.

  1. Making Changes
  2. The Voice of the Lord
  3. Your Greatest Relationship
  4. Understood I
  5. He Felt for Them
  6. Mine Mine Mine
  7. I Have Overcome the World
  8. Know the Real Deal
  9. Awesome Mercy
  10. With the Help of Jesus



World Bible School (, Joy, Love & Life